Encouragement Scripture

When, Lord? Mt. 25:37

For one who gave a salve for wounds,

For one who served one meal to thee,

And when you wandered, had a room,

And when in prison, had a key.

For aching grief that no one heard,

A simple heart that came to bide,

The sound of soft, unspoken words,

Love’s weakness, that shall turn the tide.

And when man’s thoughts became a thirst,

And every breath, cut with a sword,

And life, a wrestling, death, a curse,

Love came an answer, faith, a cord.

When all earth’s friendliest fires were spent

Its ashes could not cover thee,

A tattered, well-worn cloak was rent,

And half for you, and half for me.

Though waiting by your side through life,

But when our eyes shall finally see,

“I served this man, this child, this wife,

Lord, when did we attend to Thee?”

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