Strive to see God in all things without exception, and acquiesce in His will with absolute submission.

Do everything for God, uniting yourself to Him by a mere upward glance or the overflowing of your heart towards Him.

Never be in a hurry, do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.

Do not lose your inward peace for any reason whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.

Commend all to God, and then lie still and be at rest in His bosom.

Whatever happens, abide steadfast in a determination to cling simply to God, trusting to His eternal love for you.

And if you find that you have wandered forth from this shelter, recall your heart quietly and simply.

Maintain a holy simplicity of mind, and do not smother yourself with a host of cares, wishes or longings under any pretext.   (unknown author, as quoted by Elisabeth Elliot)

Be all at rest, my soul, O blessed secret,
Of the true life that glorifies thy Lord:
Not always doth the busiest soul best serve Him,
But he that resteth on His faithful Word.

Be all at rest, let not your heart be rippled,
For tiny wavelets mar the image fair,
Which the still pool reflects of heaven’s glory–
And thus the image He would have thee bear.

Be all at rest, my soul, for rest is service,
To the still heart God doth His secrets tell;
Thus shalt thou learn to wait, and watch, and labor,
Strengthened to bear, since Christ in thee doth dwell.

For what is service but the life of Jesus,
Lived through a vessel of earth’s fragile clay,
Loving and giving and poured forth for others,
A living sacrifice from day to day.

Be all at rest, so shalt thou be an answer
To those who question, “Who is God and where?”
For God is rest, and where He dwells is stillness,
And they who dwell in Him, His rest shall share.

And what shall meet the deep unrest around thee,
But the calm peace of God that filled His breast?
For still a living Voice calls to the weary, From Him who said,
“Come unto Me and rest.”   (Freda Hanbury Allen)

Think not again the wells of Life to fill,
By any conscious act of your own will;
Retire within the silence of your soul,
And let God’s Spirit enter, and control.
The springs of feeling which you thought were stilled,
Shall so be deepened, sweetened, and refilled.   (Anna J. Granniss)