This is from a man named Sten Thomsen, who ministers on “Pusher Street” where drugs are sold openly in Denmark.


 “In 1984 God told my wife Else and me to ‘burn incense’ by praying between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. each day,” Thomsen remembers. “It seemed strange. We did not really understand what we were supposed to do, plus I had to go to work duing those hours,” he says. But in obedience to the Lord, Thomsen took two weeks off work, and he and Else prayed fervently.


God soon rearranged Thomsen’s job schedule, and for four years the couple prayed every morning for two hours. “At first we thought that ‘burning incense’ meant interceding,” he says. “But more and more we were drawn into worship.”

 After receiving some teaching about worship in 1989, Thomsen started to understand in his mind what he had long sensed in his spirit. “Incense stands for worship, an intimate relationship with God. When we worship, God’s presence descends upon the place we’re in,” he exclaims eagerly.


“In and by God’s presence people get healed, delivered, restored, released and anointed–without our toiling. That was God’s message to us, and that is the basis for our work today.”


 In his concordance, Thomsen found a definition of incense stating that “incense drives out the occupier.” He was instantly reaffirmed in his new understanding that worship is the key to conquering a satanic stronghold like the one at Pusher Street.


From Charisma Magazine, April 2000, p. 94.