From Psalm 119


Your limits overarch me,

My heart, submissive, awed

Beholds your words unfold like light

To those heart-seared and flawed.

I seek your statutes as my breath,

I thirst for your commands.

Turn to me with your favor now

Decreed for those who love your name.

Lead in the footpath of your word,

Break all the rule of sin

And all man’s bars, his prison-house,

That freed, I serve your law within.

Lord, may your presence give me light

To teach me your decrees.

The breaking of your righteous laws

Sends tears like rain upon the seas.


Oh righteous One, your laws are true,

And holy your commands.

They stand, a sacred temple built

Of rock and not of sand.

My soul wears out from seeking

What your enemies despise.

Your promises are perfect,

Flawless, precious in my eyes.

Though foes have compassed me about

To crush me to the floor,

I seek your wisdom and your law

And ask for nothing more.

Your statues are forever

And their righteousness endures.

My heart, athirst, partakes of life

Through insight deep and pure.

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