Psalm 115

When sin surrounds us with distress

And pride would wear a flaming crown,

Take refuge in the Lord above,

To tear our idols to the ground,

We tell of all his faithfulness,

And glory in his love.

To look to gods that cannot see,

To listen to a speechless stone,

To carry gods with lifeless hands,

Their idols’ fate shall be their own.

In heaven’s God, his life we breathe

To wait for his command.

Trust in the Lord, you chosen ones

Of Israel’s line, of Aaron’s name,

Trust in the Lord who gives you strength,

Both small and great throughout the land.

With blessings mighty as the sun

He shields the ones who sing.

Now increase to a multitude,

His blessings never shall run dry,

The highest heavens are in his hand,

And earth is given to satisfy

His worshippers, for he is good,

In life they live, in him, they stand.

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