Psalm 36

The feast of God before us spread,

With incense of his love divine,

Our hand outstretched, as we are led

To fountain-streams of oil and wine.

And life–a cascade, sea-storm high,

Wave on wave, mounts and descends,

Height upon height, it meets our eye,

Heaven-drenched, our upborne heads and hands.

His emerald-rainbowed glory crowns,

His sun has far outscaled our sight,

And yet his love has reached, has found

A path with men who walk upright.

With children-steps, to turn from pride,

With hand-clasped hand, no evil fist,

To be content, as by Thy side

Both righteousness and peace have kissed.

All that had kept the ways of death,

Bound to the dust that cannot rise;

But in the swelling fount of life,

We drink, and we are satisfied.

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