Psalm 131

In you, O Lord, my soul has learned to bow,

All tinsel treasures gone, no comfort now,

Behind me earth’s vast store, an empty shell,

My heart in you at home, and all is well.

And all thoughts that within me, blind, unfold,

Are now a children’s story, left untold.

For now my heart hears words unspoken, kindled low:

Hearth-fire of truth, I reason not, but know.

The stillness of your love is all my rest,

And earth’s frame now, an unsought wilderness.

For all those wandering there, a heavenward star

That banners heaven’s gate, there in his arms

All children are.

And settled safe, the close-kept circle

Of his presence near.

Now are released old questions, endless doubts

And fear.

From my desires unbound, cross-freed, released,

My soul now quiet, sealed in silent peace.

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