For the Author

Once from God’s words I sought

My will to bend,

To shape my thought,

But as I read, I sinned.

His word at once gave comfort,

Warned, distressed;

Both hell and heaven’s fire

Burned, wrestled in my breast.

I sought an answer firm,

A portent given

As of a sign

Clear-written in the heavens.

And now His word I seek

No more as magic art,

For now I see His face,

Rest in His heart.

His presence now within

Interprets to my soul

The words that strike my sin

And cleanse, make whole.

His love and grace

Most patiently

Revealed in my distress.

Giv’n freely now in Him

Are all the gifts

I thought from Him to wrest.

I look to Him, and see,

My doubts and sighings stilled

And I with Thee:

“My Father, it is well.”

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