Scripture Testimonies

Psalm 116

Ensnared by death’s cords, overcome,

I wrestled, pierced with sorrow’s spears,

And in my weeping, sought and found

A One who answers prayers of tears.

For when I called, I met his grace,

And when I trusted, found him true.

My feet set in a spacious place,

My soul, God has been good to you.

But when I first stretched out my hand,

Trials and afflictions seared my soul,

Contested, every step towards him,

All skies were storms, all winds blew cold.

But how can I repay the Lord,

And match his gifts, who touched the blind?

I will repay my promised word,

And seek his name, hold fast his hand.

Arisen from every death I die,

More freedom of obedience.

Link upon link behind me lies,

Each sin-cord cut, by sorrow sent.

And now I sacrifice with thanks

For what I had complaints before:

Grief’s messengers, rank upon rank

Attend and grace heaven’s open door.

Oh Lord, the cup you gave, refill,

And raise my sail to every wind.

My heart now claim for heaven’s will,

And open towards Jerusalem.

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